Do you love piercings? Some people have such an adoration for the art of body piercing that it becomes an actual addiction! We’re here to tell you that industrial bar piercing’s are our addiction. This piercing is so unique that today it stands as one of the most popular unisex piercings for the ear. The industrial piercing has the amazing ability to look punk rock, masculine, soft and girly, rock and roll, subtle, outstanding, and the list goes on. Industrial piercing jewelry is versatile. The alternative appearance of this versatile gem is one of the reasons we fell in love with it. is run by a group of professional piercers who show major love for the industrial piercing and everything that goes along with it. We’re looking to give our audience the best, most up-to-date information there is about the industrial piercing, and teaching them how to get it done right.
Many people have concerns when it comes to getting industrial ear piercings, or piercing the cartilage in general. This is usually due to misinformation, or a bad experience with the wrong piercer.
Our motivation with our website is to help those considering an industrial piercing to get all of the real facts about the process, including industrial piercing costs, potential risks and infections, how to choose the right piercer, what types of jewelry are available, and more! We want to minimize the risk of issues and infections people experience with industrial piercings, and open them up to the magical world of body mods.
Our informative blogs will help readers to keep their industrial ear piercings clean and healthy and prevent unnecessary removal! Please feel free to browse through our website to learn more, and keep visiting our blog for fresh and current information on the industrial piercing and body-mod world. We hope you enjoy your stay at!