How much does an industrial piercing cost ?

How much does an industrial piercing cost ?

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How much an industrial piercing cost does is a common question about this popular piercing. We’re taking the mystery out of piercing prices!

The scaffold piercing, or “industrial piercing” is a bar placed in the ear between two separate holes. This bar is held in place by a barbell. This piercing may take anywhere from 6-12 months to heal, and requires committed aftercare. Not to mention, it looks pretty badass. This alternative piercing has the opportunity to give off a progressive look, while still being able to remain relatively hidden (unless, of course, you have no hair!) So now you know the details of the piercing, but how much does it cost?

This is one of the top searches when it comes to industrial piercings, yet no one can find a definitive answer. We’re solving the industrial piercing cost mystery, looking at other restrictions when it comes to the industrial piercing, and examining why it’s so hard to nail down a proper price!

Age restriction for industrial ear piercings

One factor that is difficult to determine is what age you must be in order to get an industrial piercing. Without parental consent, or a parent accompanying you during the piercing process, age restrictions may vary. From country to country age restrictions range from 16-21 years old. Now that you know the age restriction, it’s time to figure out the average cost of industrial piercings.

How pricing is laid out

When it comes to industrial piercing cost, it’s important to keep in mind how the unit is priced out. The industrial is charged as not a single piercing, but two separate ones! That’s because the industrial piercing goes through two different holes, and requires two different sanitized needles. This usually makes pricing come across as double whatever you are quoted.

Why the mystery?

So How much does an industrial piercing cost, and why all the mystery over pricing? This statistic can be hard to pinpoint since the cost from parlor to parlor varies. Variants depend on placement of the piercing, style and material of the jewelry being used, and requested stretching options.

When you think about it, figuring out how much cash you’re going to be doling out during your visit to the piercing parlor should be as easy as picking up the phone and asking. However, the other problem in finding out the industrial piercing cost is that most piercing specialists are reluctant to let you know prices over the phone. Piercers would rather have you come in person and do a consultation before giving out the cost of an industrial piercing, for fear that you may go elsewhere.

How much does it cost to get a industrial piercing?

Now that you know an industrial piercing is priced out individually, it’s time to learn what you’re going to be paying. The average industrial piercing cost will range anywhere from $40-80 USD.

Schedule consultations or walk-ins at different piercing and tattoo parlors and check around not only for the best price, but for the piercing professional you feel most comfortable with. Remember, this person is going to be in charge of a sensitive area of your body – trust is key! Industrial piercings can be painful, and the healing time may be longer than desired. If you’re absolutely certain you’re willing to dish out the pain and the money to have an industrial piercing – go for it! The results are definitely worth the wait.

There are several factors that will affect how much your industrial piercing costs, so make sure you scope out a few different tattoo parlors and piercing joints before deciding which one works for you!

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