Caring for your industrial piercing jewelry

Caring for your industrial piercing jewelry

Your industrial piercing jewelry might be your new favorite accessory, but that won’t mean Jack unless you’re taking care of it! Here’s piercing aftercare 101.

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Want to make a big statement? Industrial piercings are definitely the way to go for chic, sleek, and standout jewelry. In order to keep your body jewelry in tip-top, show-off worthy shape you’re going to want to make sure you follow a great  aftercare process. Lucky for you, this type of jewelries are easy to clean and care for.

Think you can skip out on the aftercare process? No way! Remember, your piercer is a stud specialist and he showed you how to care for your new holes for a reason. Without proper aftercare you may end up with an infected piercing, puss, swelling, stained jewelry, and may even risk losing your piercing in the process. Doesn’t sound too pretty, does it? So without further ado, here’s (xx) ways you can care for your industrial piercing jewelry.

What kind of  jewelry will be most beneficial for aftercare?

There are many different types of jewelry types available for your new piercing, from masculine black metals to way cute jewelry. Many types of jewelry contain gems, hearts, skulls, and arrows, and come in all different sizes. The real question is, which initial piercing is going to be the best for your healing and piercing aftercare process?

Because you are piercing through cartilage, having an industrial piercing may leave your ear feeling swollen and sore for up to a year afterwards. Avoid industrial piercing jewelry chains, or anything that may catch in a hairbrush of clothing. Some people find that getting simple, separated, cool industrial piercing  is a better option than getting a straight up barbell for their first go-around. Separated piercings will be easier to clean, and won’t get caught in long hair or clothes as easy as a barbell would. Also, some may find an industrial barbell puts too much initial pressure on the ear during this sensitive healing time.

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Consider the placement of your  jewelry

Who’d have thought that one of the biggest indicators of caring for your industrial piercing jewelry would happen before it was even pierced through? That’s right, before you even get your piercing there are precautions to be aware of. First, make sure you go to a reputable piercer who keeps a strict eye on the sanitation of his shop. Cleanliness is key. Second, before getting your ear pierced your specialist will be able to determine which piercing angle is going to be most beneficial to your ear shape. If your ear is pierced at an odd or uncomfortable angle this may result in misshaping, or the rejecting of your body jewelry.

Avoid sleeping on your ear

Are you a side-sleeper? Many people are. If you fall under this category then here’s a little tip for you: get your industrial piercing done on your least-favorite side to sleep on! When searching the Internet for information about industrial piercing jewelry, you may have notice the most common search results come up is information about the cost and the pain. Some of this aforementioned pain comes from those who love sleeping on their sides and can’t seem to break the habit during their industrial piercing’s healing process. It may take a little training at first, but you owe it to the comfort of your ears to adjust to sleeping on your back, or your other ear.

How to clean Industrial Piercings

This is a nice industrial jewelry

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Cleaning jewelry is relatively easy. It is also similar to most other methods of cleaning jewelry. However, the shape of the piercing may make cleaning a bit awkward to angle. Be patient. Because of the scaffolding design of the industrial piercings, cleaning can be frustrating at times. Here are more tips and tricks to cleaning your piercing.

  • Avoid harsh ointments, soaps, or scented hair/body products. Theses may have an irritating effect on your new piercing.
  • Sea salt soak for piercing . This method is highly recommended for new piercings. Twice daily, take one cup of distilled, hot water and mix it in with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (not iodized, Epsom, or table salt, please!) until it dissolves. Tilt your ear so you can comfortable lift the cup to the pierced area. Let your piercing sit in the salt water for 10 minutes and then release. This will ensure your piercing stays clean. It is recommended you do this once when you get up in the morning, and once before bedtime.
  • Use a piercing cleaning solution. Cleaning solutions can be purchased as most tattoo parlors or piercing venues. Drench a cotton pad or cotton swab stick in the solution and begin cleaning both piercing openings, as well as the piercing itself. Clean your piercing twice daily.
  • Avoid having your new industrial piercing jewelry come into contact with hot tubs, swimming pools, or natural bodies for water. They may lead to infection.
  • Continue cleaning practices for up to 6 months. This is the average time it takes for industrial piercings to heal. Even so, you may continue your cleaning habits after this point to ensure the healthiest piercing possible.

Cleaning your  and holes may start out like a hassle, but the sooner you get into a good habit of cleaning and turning your jewelry twice daily, the quicker the cleaning process will become second nature! Good luck.

I’m a professional pierce, who is passionate by this life style. I willing to bring you the best information on industrial piercing so you can get yours safely.

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